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4 Successful Ways to Stop Eating When You’re Bored

It is not so easy in practice as in theory to understand how to distinguish boredom from hunger. If you have experienced finding yourself standing in front of the fridge, not knowing what made you brought there again, the tips below will assist you to get over this habit and renew it to reduce unwanted weight gain.

1. Be Aware Of Your Feeling

Susan Albert urges , an advocate for mindful eating encourages her clients to be aware of their habits. She claims “We are often just eating without thinking even when we are not hungry.” If you are walking to the fridge for treats or a snack when you have nothing else to do, pay attention to how you are feeling then. You could be bored or stressed.  If you are not really hungry, you have no reason to head to the fridge and nosh up.

2. Utilize TV Time Better

When you donít have any plans for going out in the afternoon or evening, it makes you more tempted to turn on the TV and relax on the couch. Especially if you have habits of eating treats or snack while watching television, get rid of them and try to spend your time in a better way. Keep some hand weights close to you and do some lifting exercise while you are watching TV. In this way, you can enjoy both exercise and your favorite TV program.

3. Drink a Little Water

Quite a lot of people confuse a feeling of hunger with a feeling of thirst. If you have just eaten a meal and you are still feeling hungry, listen to what Mara Z. Vitolins, the assistant professor of public health sciences, claims “It is difficult to differentiate feeling thirsty from feeling hungry, so just drink water and wait for  20 to 30 minutes, and  see if you are still feeling hungry.”

4. Start Sitting Down
If you constantly walk around the fridge and nosh up, it can be a disadvantage for you. When you are standing up and eating, you’ tend not to pay much attention to what actually you are eating, and you donít look at what you eat as a meal. So alternative to standing up in front of the fridge and eat, set up certain times for your snacks and meals. This will be effective for not only to distinguish boredom from hunger, but also for reducing the amount of food you eat as there are not many distractions from outside.