How Everyday Activities Can Help You Burn Calories

If you do not like to burn your calories by sweating on a treadmill at your gym, you can still achieve the same objective of burning plenty of calories through engaging in several daily activities.
If you maintain a physically active life, it is possible to burn more than 300 calories per day. This is according to a research conducted by Pete McCall, MS, who is a psychologist at the American Council on Exercise.  He further points out that if you are physically active for 12 days, you can lose one pound of weight.

The “NEAT” Way of Burning Calories:

He also points out that some extra three hundred calories may be gained daily through on exercise thermogenesis (“NEAT“). This is an account for the extra energy expended when you are not eating, sleeping or involving in some structured activities such as sports and jogging.

Some of these “NEAT” activities are Riding a bike or walking to a bus park, cleaning the house, typing on the computer and working in the yard. Fidgeting on the seat is also one of the “NEAT” activities  since  it can turn up the calories burning engine. “.

As the “NEAT” activities increase the metabolic rate and activate the rate of burning of calories. This explains why manual and agricultural workers have higher metabolic rates as compared to the people with lifestyles with more leisure time. So far, the amount of calories lost through “NEAT” activities may differ between two people who have similar sizes by as much as 2000 calories a day.

The total of calories burned

The total calories burned by a NEAT activities increase as fast as you take more activities. According to Kimberly Lummus, Rd, MS, a public relation coordinator and a media representative for Dietetic Association of Austin in Texas, in thirty minutes a person with a weight of 150 pounds may burn the following amount of calories.
153 calories= weeding and gardening.
191 calories = packing and unpacking (Moving)

147 calories= leaves raking.
102 calories = Cleaning the house
119 calories = Vacuuming

When you play with kids = 136 calories are lost
When you mow lawns = 205 calories are lost
When you stroll =103 calories are lost
Sitting and watching TV you lose 40 calories
When you ride a bicycle to work on a flat surface 220 calories are lost

How to burn a little more Calories Every Day
When you do more spontaneous physical activities during the day,  i.e. when you reduce the time spend while seated,  you will burn a little more calories.

According to McCall, the following activities will increase the level of calories burnt every day.
–   Walking down the stairs to see a colleague and not making a phone call or sending an email
–   Avoiding an elevator and using the stairs instead
–   Cleaning your house by yourself and not using cleaning service companies
–   Taking your dog out for walks regularly
–   Riding to work using a bicycle rather than driving

You can also wear a pedometer to help you track the number of steps you take  in the course of the day.  Once you have the figures, you should work at increasing them.  Add a few more steps every day.  After some time, you will be able to run up the stairs. Walk to the store, sweep the porch and do those small things that can help you lose weight.